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We are an organization that is dedicated to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of writers and individual artists of Mennonite heritage, descent or interest.

Founded in 1971, the Literary Society published The Mennonite Mirror and special publications for 20 years. The board is committed to the renewal of the Society and the publication of Rhubarb.


Publications are a primary focus of the MLS. Our quarterly magazine Rhubarb features various creative features by writers and artists of Mennonite heritage or interest.

The MLS also may consider producing informational resources, chapbooks, monographs, anthologies or other occasional publications.

The Mennonite Literary Society will present at least four events annually which may include

  • readings
  • comedy
  • vaspa
  • a songwriters night
  • an event in a rural community
  • a lecture, panel or debate
  • an annual fundraiser

The MLS may also consider presenting

  • curated visual art exhibitions
  • food "workshops" including traditional and new Mennonite foods
  • a progressive dinner/fundraiser
  • dancing.

The Mennonite Literary Society will

  • answer inquiries and requests for information
  • provide bibliographic and bographic information on request

The MLS may plan or encourage

  • workshops
  • dialogue
  • jokes